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STEM (Science, technology, engineering and mathematics), identified in the early 2000’s as a failing element in education, subsequently spurred a push for educational programs that encourage these disciplines. Our knowledge-based society and economy is undeniably driven by constant innovation; the basis of innovation is built on a motivated, dynamic and educated force, well-equipped with these STEM skills!

The SDN Pros team had some advice for young ones interested and coming into the industry on Stem Day 2022!

Coding skills

Find fun and exciting ways to learn basic coding skills from an early age. My kids are already learning using Scratch (with an easy to learn drag and drop interface) to use code to create games and animations. Taking what they love about their favorite video games they are inspired to learn through recreating elements, whether that be through full games, or just short funny animations!


Test the technology

Get a raspberry PI, install docker and then play around with containers. Then you can test out different scenarios, topologies and networking tools.


Automate Everything!

If you know how to automate, you won’t have to come back to a task nearly as often. The time saved there more than makes up for the time spent on automating.


Pay attention in Maths class!

Maths is at the core of everything in IT. While you don’t have to be some sort of maths genius, a good understanding particularly with algebra will be very useful in a career in IT.


Explore all the options

The networking world is made up of so many different types of job that require different skills. Coding skills are useful but so are design skills – no-one likes an ugly messy network topology!