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What’s New in Arista Academy

Arista Training has some exciting developments and news to share!

We are constantly growing, changing, upgrading and striving to provide the best in the industry. It’s been a busy few months; it’s time to share some of what has been happening behind the scenes in Arista Academy!

New Content within Arista Academy Courses

Videos, videos, videos:

We have extensively expanded our training videos to support our students in their learning and training journey. We now have 384 videos available to our students throughout the Arista Academy ACE:L1-L5 courses!

Graph showing the number of videos within Arista Academy - over 380.

Understanding the delivery:

Alongside extensive lab access and reading materials, videos are provided that cover several common learning styles:

Videos by the Book

By the Book features videos with our esteemed instructors in action, teaching courses, cutting nothing out and including all questions and discussions that are typical within a live setting and valuable for extended explanations of challenging concepts.

Videos by the Topic

By the Topic videos are organized by specific major topics within the course. These include in depth, detailed explanations and white-boarding without the interference of questions and discussions.

Videos by the Lab

Labs are crucial for concrete learning and understanding, and are integral to obtain an Arista certification. These videos approach the course topics from the perspective of an actual implementation, with our instructor taking you through them step by step.

These are now available in Academy Pro within ACE:L1 through ACE:L5.