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Celebrating Women in Engineering: Embracing Challenges, Igniting Innovation

International Women in Engineering Day serves as a global platform to celebrate the remarkable achievements of women and advocate for gender equality. In the male-dominated space of network engineering, it is important to recognize the triumphs and successes of women who have broken barriers, shattered stereotypes, and thrived in an industry traditionally dominated by men. By shining a light on their accomplishments and who they are, we not only celebrate their individual achievement but also inspire future generations of women to pursue their passions, overcome obstacles, and contribute their unique perspectives to drive innovation in this dynamic field. International Women in Engineering Day presents an opportunity to reflect on the progress made  and unite in our collective efforts to build a more inclusive and diverse network engineering industry.

Here we aim to honor one of our incredible colleagues who has made significant contributions and strides in network engineering, highlighting her accomplishments, sharing her stories, and shedding light on the importance of gender diversity within our thriving industry.

Happy International Women in Engineering Day


From the outset, Saša discovered a passion for networking technology during her tenure as a software engineer, but little did she anticipate the immense opportunities it held. Growing up in a family that prioritized science, technology, and continuous learning, she was well-equipped to face the hurdles that lay ahead.

“The most appealing thing was networking technology when working as a software engineer; I never truly understood what was happening down there, in the network layer of our software application that we deployed. I did not expect that there was a whole new world of networking, worthy of investigation, that is changing our (perception of) reality and our future completely and totally.”

Undoubtedly, challenges abounded along the way. Adapting to diverse environments and rapidly acquiring knowledge in a limited time frame presented significant hurdles. However, her technical education in Slovenia, under the guidance of exceptional mathematics and computer science professors, endowed her with problem solving prowess! This foundation fortified her resilience and propelled her forward, overcoming obstacles with determination and perseverance.

Within the vast realm of technology, Saša discovered her passion for Mathematical Topology during her academic years. The discipline’s profound analysis of forms and functions captivated her imagination. Today, she finds resonance between these abstract concepts and their application in networking automation (for example Spacetimes by M. Burgess) and other industries; they may be used to describe and understand many things. Exploring these connections fuels her passion and deepens her understanding of the ever-evolving field.

Saša has achieved numerous milestones, but one project stands out for her – the creation of a comprehensive course The Data Center Network Design. This formidable endeavor required immense dedication and earned her the trust and respect of many prominent technical experts.

Throughout her journey, Saša encountered a diverse array of talented individuals from different backgrounds, cultures, and religions. Working collaboratively on international projects, she witnessed the strength of teamwork transcending boundaries. This intermingling of minds reshaped her perspectives and broadened her understanding of a rapidly changing industry. She came to appreciate how diversity and inclusion amplify the industry’s capacity for innovation and progress.

Diversity and inclusion serve as catalysts for progress and innovation in the network engineering industry. Saša emphasizes the need for both male and female perspectives to shape a better future. The amalgamation of different viewpoints broadens the understanding of complex issues and enriches the collective knowledge graph, ultimately driving the industry forward.

“Diversity puts on the table different aspects and views of the same topic. This makes the positioning of a topic in the knowledge graph much wider and stronger. Men and women think differently; we need both perspectives to work on making this world better!”

For women aspiring to enter or progress into the field of network engineering, Saša offers invaluable advice. She emphasizes the importance of building a strong foundation of general and technical knowledge, advocating for diligent study and unwavering dedication. Saša highlights the role of imagination in problem solving and encourages women to trust their instincts alongside rational judgment. Believing in one’s own judgments, persisting in the face of obstacles, and upholding honesty and decency are core tenets she imparts.

Looking to the future, Saša envisions a world where every woman has equal opportunities for education, employment, and a thriving life. By collectively fostering a supportive and inclusive environment, we can empower women to excel in the network engineering industry and drive positive change.

“I hope for every woman in this world to be given an opportunity to have a job, education, and a healthy life as to be able to care for her family and prosper in every single way that makes her a wonderful human being.”


International Women in Engineering Day is a reminder of the immense talent, passion, and resilience that women bring to the field of engineering. It is a celebration of their achievements and an opportunity to inspire future generations to pursue dreams without limitations.

As we honor the contributions of women in engineering, let us recognize the importance of diversity, inclusion, and collaboration. Together, we can shape an industry that thrives on the strength of varied perspectives, where innovation knows no bounds.

Happy International Women in Engineering Day!