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Arista Training Labs Release Notes – February 2023

Welcome to the first release notes for Arista Training Labs. We are regularly making updates and upgrades to our lab environment, so moving forward we will be publishing these through release notes. 

The purpose of these notes is to inform all who use Arista training labs what is new and current within the environment; all major changes will be highlighted with a mix of backend and frontend changes.


Arista Training Labs New Features

The following list describes new features customers can expect to be available in new topologies over the next few days.


CLI Lab Menu to Web FrontEnd 

  • There are now 2 ways for users to reset topologies and load specific configurations (level dependent), through either the CLI or the Web frontend.
  • The Lab Menu is available from the left-side navigation bar from within the Arista Lab Topology Page.
  • The CLI can be accessed from the ‘switch access’ menu.
Arista Training Lab Menu

Arista Lab Status

  • The lab checks for Arista CloudVision (CVP) availability. Labs now will continuously check the OK/DOWN status of the switches and this will be displayed within the topology page.
  • Whilst CVP is unreachable, links to CVP will be disabled.
Arista Training Labs - CVP Menu Disabled Screenshot


  • If switches are down, users can restart a failed switch directly from the web interface.
  • These changes should solve most issues caused by incorrect CVP usage, reducing the need for additional external support. This new feature will be particularly helpful for students accessing labs through Arista Academy. 


Arista Training Lab Status Screen

Topology page redesign

  • The user interface on the topology page has been redesigned. 
  • Usernames and Passwords are more visibly displayed in a new pop-up menu on the page.
Arista Training Lab Menu for Usernames and Passwords


How to access Arista Training Labs

All Arista courses include access to the Arista Training Labs and you can purchase additional lab-time as an Add-On product.