Introducing the NEW Arista Cloud Engineer (ACE) Certification Program

SDN Pros is proud to announce the NEW ACE program and our status as the only Arista ELITE PLUS Training Partner. Over the past two years we have worked side by side with Arista Training to help develop and now deliver a revolutionary new training and certification program.

SDN Pros prides itself on being dedicated to delivering only Arista training. Our expert team works daily with Arista engineers ensuring you are getting the most qualified and proficient trainers in the industry for Arista training. Our staff has worked with other vendor training programs for years and we are excited to see this fresh approach to training.

Below you will find several ways to explore the program and choose the right course for your needs.

Arista’s Philosophy of Training

Arista has two founding principles that drive us forward: create solutions to customer problems and always focus on Quality, Quality, Quality!

Arista has extended this into the ACE Certification Program in such a way as to be different from other vendors. They believe high quality training should be available to everyone in the format and price point that best fits your needs. Arista wants the training to focus on Arista recommended practices for solutions, not just features and commands. This is a huge differentiator from other vendors but still not enough. Arista goes a step further by aligning the skill sets to typical job roles through the training program.

Course Differentiation

The new ACE program is structured on a simple multi-level model. Each of the first five levels consists of a course, exam and certification. Arista is taking the approach that as you learn and master new skills you should increase your certification level. No nested courses requiring you to pass two or more individual courses to complete a single certification. We feel this is a commonsense approach that allows engineers to distinguish themselves amongst their peers. If you have invested in multiple courses and have mastered those skills, you should not share the same certification level as someone that has not progressed as far.

Beyond the five core levels, there are two expert levels. These two certifications do not have a required course and focus on acknowledging those that have reached the highest levels and have proven this through in-depth exams.

Training Formats

SDN Pros makes all training available in numerous formats to allow customers to choose the model that fits their learning style and schedules.

All formats allow you to purchase the official books and lab time as stand-alone products. This allows you the opportunity to purchase the book ahead of the course date to better prepare for the course. You can also add additional lab time before, during or after the course to provide the opportunity to increase your confidence and proficiency in a cost-effective way.

Corporate Training Model

Courses are delivered in a 5-day format. Live instructors teach the courses in remote classrooms via video technology. These classes include whiteboarding, slides, live Q&A, discussions and labs. This is another place that Arista differentiates through training: all courses come with three weeks of lab time. This gives you lab time during the course as well as another two weeks after the course to increase your proficiency. This is everything you would experience in an in-person classroom without the unnecessary travel and expenses. All you need is an internet connection and laptop. This format moves the fastest covering the most material in the shortest amount of time.

SDN Academy

Courses are delivered over a multi-week format, typically 8 weeks. This format mixes a self-study and live instruction model. In each module you will have reading sections, labs, homework, quizzes and 1-4 hours of live, remote instruction per week. This model is good for those who want more time to comprehend the material but still need a structured program to guide them through the course. A variation using recorded videos instead of live instruction will be coming soon as well.

Self Study (coming soon)

This format allows you to purchase the official course workbooks and lab time to study on your own. There is no live instruction, but this model provides a low-cost method to earn your certification.

Custom Training

Don’t need certifications but would still like to craft a custom course for your team to cover the new design, architecture, configuration and operations? Easily done. Click here to get to our contact form and let us know your needs.

Coming Soon

In addition to the core ACE levels, Arista has introduced several specialty courses for specific areas. These are standalone courses that will be available in two- or three-day formats depending on the specialty.

Earning Your Level 1-7 increases your core Arista Skills at each Job-Role Level.
Engineers can go beyond this and build Vertical & Product Specialties.

ACE Vertical Specialties

{Added to any Level}

Global Financial Specialist

Service Provider Specialist

ACE Product Specialties

{Added to any Level}

Wifi Specialist

Already Certified?

  • Already have a certification in the previous Arista Certification Program?
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  • Curious how the recertification process works?

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