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About Us

Innovative, solutions-focused network engineer training that meets industry standards for all vendors.

Our Approach

Our primary focus is providing the best SDN & Cloud training for our customers.

As a training company we strive to keep our overhead as low as possible to ensure we can give our customers the high-end engineers, developers and trainers they need while still maintaining the lowest costs in the industry.

One way we do this is by exclusively leveraging independent contractors, small businesses and a minimal employee count. The nature of our business keeps us onsite at our customer’s locations – we come to you. Many of our courses are taught virtually as well. This means we maintain an almost exclusive work-at-home model, including our owners, ensuring we don’t need to account for unnecessary costs with maintaining office buildings, classrooms, etc. We measure success by seeing our customers move their businesses ahead rather than by bragging about how many buildings we own.

Another way we do this is by contracting recently separated US Veterans for our project management, editing and program management services.

This allows us to help our nation’s heroes while they are transitioning into new careers. These Veterans bring a wealth of talent in these spaces. Many are pursuing careers in IT, so they get to work alongside our experts when they are not engaged in a project.

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Our Story

Our owners met while working together in a national Veteran focused non-profit, Victory For Veterans.

The focus of VFV is to provide housing, medical, financial and employment services to give US Veterans hope. The goal is to minimize Veteran suicide by giving them a foot forward. Several years ago they introduced an IT Apprenticeship program and it was through this program that they realized a major gap existed in the industry. Existing vendor training and certification programs were not providing the needed skills for the Next Generation of Network Engineers.

In January 2018, they began forming the idea around SDN PROS LLC., a company that would focus on developing SDN & Cloud focused courses.

These courses would teach core networking topics while also including NETOPS and Automation through programming languages. Initially, the focus was on US Veterans but they soon realized this was a much needed service for major vendors and corporations globally.

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Meet our Team

Steve Durgin

Co-Founder & CEO

As CEO, Steve brings decades of experience as a business owner and CFO for many top companies. Steve continues to spend his spare time heavily involved in the Veteran Non-profit space and has an incredible ability to bring people together. Click on the Facebook link to learn more of the Veteran and First Responder initiatives under way.

Shawn Jones

Co-Founder & COO

Shawn is a US Army Veteran and operates as the COO overseeing the project management of our course development engagements. Besides Victory for Veterans, he is actively engaged in many other projects in his spare time including (TX)NUG Central which aims to be a vendor neutral networking group for network engineers in Central Texas. Click on the Meetup link to learn more about this group or visit at


"Great course which did an amazing task to introduce us to 'The Arista Way' in a manner which was easily graspable and fun”

Jayeshh S

"It's refreshing that a tech company is still teaching/stressing networking basics ; a solid foundation is key for any capable architect or engineer.”


"Really nice course. It is great and many important topics are touched e.g. VXLAN, Routing, CloudVision”

Pawel K

"The course helped me to have an overview of network areas that I didn't have contact with and to understand the field application of the ones I had. ”

Robert O

"Great course that goes into detail for each topic listed. Learned many concepts that will help me in the future with my network assignments.”


"The in depth explanation of the topics, especially the inner working of EVPN and VXLAN was excellent. Deconstructing the packets and operational flow is very valuable to understand exactly how these technologies work. The instructor did a great job of explaining this and his depth of knowledge was obvious.”

Shayne K

"The course does a good job of covering all the aspects of automation and how they apply to Arista products. The lab content is very structured and I really like the large and comprehensive lab environment. Much better than other vendor classes I've participated in.”

Nathan M

"The course was what I was looking for - introduction to automation. The difficulty level was perfect, it was challenging enough and I felt like I learnt a lot. I especially liked the labs.”


"I liked the fact the course was designed for both people knew how to code as well as people familiar with it. I learned a lot, and it made me more comfortable realizing that automation is not actually out of my grasp.”

Andrei M

"The instructor was fantastic, had a clear understanding on the materials that were being presented and was able to backup his presentations with his knowledge.”

Brian B

"The instructor was very knowledgable and able to explain the concepts very clearly, using his own diagrams that he drew during class specifically to explain certain topics. I felt he was also very approachable and helpful when answering any questions I had.”