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Essential Networking Skills for Black Friday

Everyone loves Black Friday! Here are the skills to make sure you and your network are prepared…

1. Network Security

While customers are bargain hunting during Black Friday, the networking team will likely be busy hunting for threats to the network!

Security architects are consistently challenged with new and emerging threats and attacks, and during Black Friday we see these increase.

The ability to identify suspected malicious behavior by understanding network traffic and utilizing tools such as Arista’s NDR to enhance threat hunting abilities is a valuable skill for engineers, particularly those working during Black Friday.

For more information on how you can improve your Network Security skills we recommend checking out Arista’s ACE:NDR (Network, Detection & Response) Course.

2. Managing Bursty Traffic

Throughout the day, a steady stream and variety of promotions, sales and opportunities are launched. Time-specific and limited stock deals, in particular, can create unusual traffic patterns compared to a regular day.

These sudden spikes in network traffic that you see on the network are what we refer to as Bursty Traffic.

The ability to implement a network architecture capable of handling the increased load on switches is essential. Mastering core technologies found in most modern corporate networks today, such as MP-BGP, eBGP, EVPN and VXLAN, will enhance your abilities.

If you want to learn more about how to manage bursty traffic we recommend checking out Arista’s ACE:L3 Course.

3. Network Telemetry

Substantial data flows during Black Friday directly relating to sales, discounts, customers, trends, etc. Even a mere moments loss in the network can equate to a significant loss in revenue.

Pressures on the networking team to expand the uptime on the network throughout the day to minimize any downtime will increase.

Understanding network telemetry and its uses to gain insight over your network and this data flow to understanding of your network management tools such as Arista’s CloudVision can help you to prepare, identify and resolve emergencies within your network quickly.

Learn more about how you can manage your network using Arista CloudVision Portal with Arista’s ACE:CVP Course.


4. Stay Connected

Nothing is more infuriating than losing connectivity during an essential activity! For some people, buying during Black Friday across your network could be seen as an essential activity too!

It is essential the networking team keeps abreast of the wireless network, ensuring everyone who wants connectivity gets it, increasing uptime across both the wired and wireless network.

Having sound knowledge of Campus wired and wireless technologies, and understanding how you can get good visibility into WiFi Access Points (APs), WiFi clients and getting applications running across the wireless network, can minimize disruption for end users during Black Friday.

Gain better visibility into WiFi access and applications running across the wireless network with Arista’s ACE:Campus Course.

5. Making Time For You on Black Friday

Arguably the most important skill for Black Friday = unwinding from the stress!

Black Friday can be a busy and stressful day at work for many. Make sure you allocate some time for you and your team to enjoy some shopping or relaxation.

Thank you for all your hard work keeping our networks running throughout the Black Friday madness!