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How to progress your Network Engineer career

Taking the next steps in your network career

After working in networking for several years, it’s easy to become so focused on the day to day job that sometimes new skills and certifications you need to progress your network engineer career can be overlooked.

Not until your company purchases new technology and new demands are placed on the network, or you find yourself needing proof of your skills when applying for a promotion or a new role, do you realize the benefit to keeping your training up-to-date!

The start of a new year is a perfect time to focus on personal development goals and get yourself booked onto a course. Now you just need to decide which skills you want to focus on:


Modern Data Center skills

Learn how to build a modern Arista Data Center using BGP, VXLAN & EVPN. Start ACE:L3 training course

If you are working within a Data Center taking advantage of new and upcoming technologies is vital to help with network efficiency, scalability and the day-to-day operations.

Topics such as MP-BGP, eBGP, EVPN, VXLAN and Security require the ability to learn new and complex skills that bring Data Centers into the modern world.

Learn more about updating your Data Center skills.




Modern Service Provider Network skills

Learn how to build a modern Arista service provider with MPLS, Segment Routing, Traffic engineering. ACE:L4 course

Moving from the Data Center world to the Service Provider world requires a skills adjustment. While you may be familiar with BGP and EVPN there are a range of additional technologies needed to keep the packets moving.

You can explore advanced routing

capabilities and gain in-depth knowledge of MPLS and Segment routing.

Learn more about updating your Service Provider Network skills.



Master Network Automation

If you need to make changes to your network twice, you should automate it. Learn how to automate your network on the ACE:L5 Cloud Automation course

If you already have some programming experience, automation is a critical requirement now of modern networking and is a skill worth mastering.

Through the use of Ansible, Python, and other commonly used automation tools, such as Git and Jinja2, you can learn how to maximize network efficiency and functionality.

Learn more about Automation.




Are you ready to progress your network engineer career?

Hopefully after reading this we have inspired you to take some time to assess gaps you may have in your own skill set!

You are welcome to get in touch with us for more personalized training opportunities for yourself or your team. Simply send us a message using our Contact Us form and someone from the Arista training team will be in touch.