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#5 – Aesha Parikh: Path to Design Engineering Excellence

Aesha Parikh shares her nine-year journey at Arista, from starting in a support role to becoming an integral part of their professional services team. Aesha’s experience navigating a flat TAC structure underscores the importance of adaptability and collaborative problem-solving in network engineering. Reflecting on her transition from troubleshooting to designing networks, Aesha emphasizes the value of learning from diverse experiences.

Discussing the ACE Expert Certification program, Aesha commends its holistic approach towards empowering engineers to excel in their roles. With an emphasis on practical implementation rather than vendor-specific solutions, the program equips professionals with the skills to craft efficient RFPs and enhance network designs. Aesha particularly appreciates the program’s focus on cultivating well-rounded design engineers, emphasizing the significance of preparing individuals for the multifaceted challenges they may encounter in their careers.

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