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#6 – Tamás Plugor: From Versatile Engineer to CloudVision Portal Master

Tamás Plugor shares his multifaceted journey at Arista, from starting as a jack-of-all-trades IT professional to becoming a pioneering expert on CloudVision Portal (CVP). Tamás’s diverse background in networking, including his time at Vodafone and a local data center in Romania, provided him with a broad foundation of technical skills. His move to Ireland and subsequent challenging interview process at Arista marked a significant turning point in his career. Initially feeling like an imposter among highly experienced colleagues, Tamás quickly found his niche through a passion for automation and continuous learning.

Recognized as the go-to authority on CVP, Tamás emphasizes how the platform enhances network troubleshooting by simplifying operations and improving visibility. Reflecting on his career progression, Tamás highlights the importance of adaptability and practical experience in mastering complex technologies. Discussing the ACE Expert Certification Program, he praises its rigorous and comprehensive approach, which focuses on practical exams, automation, and multiple problem-solving methods. Tamás particularly values the program’s emphasis on cultivating well-rounded engineers capable of handling the multifaceted challenges in network engineering, preparing them to excel in a fast-evolving landscape.

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