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#4 – Mitch Vaughan: From Counter-Strike LAN Parties to Network & Automation Enthusiast

Joining the conversation, Mitch takes us on a journey through his formative years, recounting high school escapades of circumventing the school network for epic LAN parties. His path led him through various roles, from managing WAN networks at a car dealership to gaining insights into multicast in the financial sector. However, it was his venture into the VAR space that proved pivotal. Initially loyal to OEMs, Mitch’s encounter with Arista sparked a newfound enthusiasm for network engineering.

We’ll explore Mitch’s deep dive into Arista technologies, his exploration of protocols, and the defining moment that led him to seize an opportunity in early 2018, never looking back. Stay tuned as Mitch shares his insights into the ACE Expert Certification program and Arista’s innovative approach to network engineering.

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