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Frequently Asked Questions

Find the answers you’re looking for, including general information about Arista’s ACE Program, courses, CORE and where to find the information you need on our website. They’re all arranged by category, so it’s fast and easy to get answers.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1.How do I register for an Exam?

    Please visit the What is Core? page via the SDN Pros website. There you will find all of the information about our Cloud Operational Readiness Evaluations. At the bottom of the page you will be able to submit your request for CORE exam registration or you can register directly through Arista Academy.

  • Q2.Do I have to take the exam level equivalent to the course I took?

    You may take a lower level exam or equivalent.

  • Q3.Do I receive a certificate after I pass my exam?

    Yes, you will receive a digital badge and certification for passing a CORE exam. We use Credly for sending and maintaining all certifications. Certificates can be downloaded directly from Arista Academy.

  • Q4.What is needed to study for an exam?

    Everything required to complete the CORE exam is covered in the course that made you eligible to take that CORE exam. Your supplemental material and lab environment will serve as excellent study guides.

  • Q5.Are there any multiple choice questions?

    No. All Arista exams are Lab-Based exams (practical). This is meant to provide you with a more ‘real-world scenario’ and test your knowledge and skills rather than your memorization of commands.

  • Q6.Is the lab entirely CLI?

    As a practical lab, you will have the choice of using CLI or CVP for the majority of your configuration. However, there are some specific tasks which will require one of them to be used; both must be known to be prepared.

  • Q7.How long are the exams?

    ACE:L1 & CVP = 2 hours

    ACE:L2, ACE:L3 & ACE:L5 = 4 hours

    ACE:L4 = 5 hours

  • Q8.What if I fail my exam? Can I try again?

    You absolutely may retake any CORE exam, however you must complete a waiting period before any retakes to ensure adequate time for restudy and preparation. We want you to succeed!

    *14 day minimum qualifying period subject to approval from Arista Training. SDN Pros and Arista Training are committed to promoting a strong commitment to learning, growth, and academic excellence, whilst ensuring fairness and integrity throughout the entire evaluation process.

  • Q9.What resources or materials can I use during my exam?

    Everything is at your disposal (except another person to help you!): Arista’s course documentation and design guides, saved configurations from course labs, designs used from customer deployments, even whitepapers!

  • Q10.How will my exam be graded?

    All CORE exams are pass/fail only. All tasks in the exam scenario will be required to be completed in order to pass.

  • Q11.What will the exam environment be like?

    Your CORE exam environment is the same as the lab environment you used in your training, so be sure to practice and be familiar with it.

  • Q12.Will I be on my own during the exam or will others be present?

    Your CORE exam will be via Zoom. There will be a proctor helping run and monitor the CORE exam. There will be an introduction to the CORE exam for all candidates in the main room, and then you will have your own breakout room and will not be distracted by others to complete your CORE exam.

  • Q13.Are there any requirements to take an exam?

    Official Arista training must be purchased before you are able to register for a CORE exam. This can be Self-Paced or an Instructor-Led Course.

  • Q14.When and how will I get my exam materials and information?

    Prior to your CORE exam, you will be emailed a Zoom link and information confirming the time of your exam. Once you have joined the exam via Zoom, the exam proctor will send you all exam information you need before your exam officially begins. This information includes your lab link with exam scenario, exam scenario username and exam scenario password. The lab credential username and password are in the lab link.

  • Q15.How long will I have to wait to get my exam results?

    Typically you will receive your results within 48-72 business hours. After passing a CORE exam, your Credly badge and certificate will take up to a week.

  • Q1.What materials should I expect to receive with my course?

    You will have access to supplemental materials. You will also have access to a lab environment. If you purchased a Self-Paced course, you will have access to course videos.

  • Q2.When do I get my materials?

    If you are taking an instructor-led course, you will have access to your materials about three days before the course begins. If you have purchased Self-Paced, once your order is completed, all materials will be accessible via your Dashboard within your account.

  • Q3.Can I download my materials?

    Arista’s licensing does not permit downloading of the materials, however you can view your supplemental materials through Arista Academy. 

  • Q4.How do I access Mimeo content offline?

    Log into your Mimeo account and find your Digital Library. Select the small cloud with arrow icon. This will give offline access.


"Great course which did an amazing task to introduce us to 'The Arista Way' in a manner which was easily graspable and fun”

Jayeshh S

"It's refreshing that a tech company is still teaching/stressing networking basics ; a solid foundation is key for any capable architect or engineer.”


"Really nice course. It is great and many important topics are touched e.g. VXLAN, Routing, CloudVision”

Pawel K

"The course helped me to have an overview of network areas that I didn't have contact with and to understand the field application of the ones I had. ”

Robert O

"Great course that goes into detail for each topic listed. Learned many concepts that will help me in the future with my network assignments.”


"The in depth explanation of the topics, especially the inner working of EVPN and VXLAN was excellent. Deconstructing the packets and operational flow is very valuable to understand exactly how these technologies work. The instructor did a great job of explaining this and his depth of knowledge was obvious.”

Shayne K

"The course does a good job of covering all the aspects of automation and how they apply to Arista products. The lab content is very structured and I really like the large and comprehensive lab environment. Much better than other vendor classes I've participated in.”

Nathan M

"The course was what I was looking for - introduction to automation. The difficulty level was perfect, it was challenging enough and I felt like I learnt a lot. I especially liked the labs.”


"I liked the fact the course was designed for both people knew how to code as well as people familiar with it. I learned a lot, and it made me more comfortable realizing that automation is not actually out of my grasp.”

Andrei M

"The instructor was fantastic, had a clear understanding on the materials that were being presented and was able to backup his presentations with his knowledge.”

Brian B

"The instructor was very knowledgable and able to explain the concepts very clearly, using his own diagrams that he drew during class specifically to explain certain topics. I felt he was also very approachable and helpful when answering any questions I had.”


"Fantastic course. The layout was great and the labs were great also. Not a single complaint or even constructive criticism. You can see the amount of hard work that went into building this class.”

Mike C