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#8 – Rob Martin: Arista Aficionado – Mastering Automation and Certification

Meet Rob Martin, a seasoned professional with over five years of experience at Arista and now also a distinguished member of the ACE Expert Certification Program. Rob’s career is a testament to his dedication and passion for networking solutions, having transitioned from landscape architecture to becoming a pivotal figure in Arista’s engineering team. As an SE lead, he spearheads technical solutions and supports both pre-sales and post-sales teams, ensuring robust and efficient networks for Arista’s clients.

Rob shares his insights into the ACE Expert Certification Program, highlighting the rigorous standards and immense value it offers. He considers the challenges faced by top engineers who undergo both L6 and L7 certifications back-to-back, a feat most would undertake over a year. His enthusiasm for the program is evident as he discusses the real-world applications and benefits of Arista’s training and certification processes.

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