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#7 – Igor Parsadanov: From SATCOM to Data Centers

Igor, a former Air Force member turned network engineer, shares his multifaceted journey to where he is now at Arista. With a strong foundation in satellite communications from his military service, Igor transitioned into the networking industry by earning his computer science degree and certifications such as CCNA, CCNP, and eventually CCIE. His early career involved deploying and operating enterprise networks and later working with a reseller to design and deploy networks.

Joining Arista Networks was another pivotal moment for Igor. With Arista, he is a systems engineer and serves as a technical lead within the data center working group, focusing on documentation and knowledge sharing about data center and AI technologies. He also leads the Connecticut Network Users Group, promoting collaboration among engineers.

Join Igor as he discusses the ACE Expert Certification Program, comparing it to other expert exams and highlighting it’s merits!

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