Arista Cloud Engineer

Level 2 – Cloud Associate

ACE:L2 Data Sheet


Course Duration: 5 days

Topics At-a-Glance:

  • Arista UCN L2 Leaf-Spine
  • MLAG
  • VARP
  • CLI Troubleshooting Tools
  • DANZ Monitoring Fabric (DMF)
  • LANZ
  • TapAGG
  • CloudVision Day 2 Ops
  • Configlets & Containers
  • Alerts, Events & Dashboards
  • Arista Wi-Fi Features
  • CloudVision for Wi-FI
  • Campus Architecture

Course Objectives

The ACE Level 2course is designed to build upon the foundation in networking and Arista EOS established in Level 1. Engineers will focus on the Arista Universal Cloud Network (UCN) model for Layer 2 Leaf-Spine topologies leveraging MLAG and VARP. This same architecture is presented within the Arista Cognitive Campus architecture. The course will also introduce the Arista Wi-Fi portfolio and features along with Campus specific features such as PoE. Engineers will then learn how the Arista DMF solution allows organizations to monitor a network-wide deployment

Target Audience

The ACE Level 2course is best suited for individuals with more than 2 years of experience in the Network Engineering Field and looking to establish the core skills that Arista Customers desire. Frontline Network Engineers and Operations staff will find the skills most often searched for by corporations for these positions. Engineers looking to cross over from siloed skillsets in networking and wanting to embrace the whole network to include DC, Campus and monitoring will grow their relevance to modern architectures. Those individuals holding current or expired Associate certifications in other vendor programs will find a refreshed and updated approach. ACE:L2 focuses on the features and skills needed in every network. You will not waste energy learning outdated technologies, approaches or tasks no longer used in open networks. All topics are used daily within every Arista Customer network.

Official Training & Exams

Only Arista Official Training will count towards exams. Proof of Purchase is required to register for exams. Instructor-led and Self-study options are available through Official Arista Training Partners. Look for these badges prior to purchasing your training.

Course Outline

Module 1: Universal Cloud Networking – L2LS

  • MLAG
  • SVI Configuration
  • VLAN Enhancements
  • STP – MSTP

Module 2: EOS CLI Troubleshooting Tools

  • TCP Dump
  • Iperf
  • Watch and Diff Commands
  • CLI Scheduler
  • Event Monitor
  • Event Manager
  • L2 Show Commands

Module 3: DANZ Monitoring Fabric (DMF)

  • LANZ
  • DANZ
  • Span Sessions
  • TapAGG
  • DMF & Awake Overview
  • CVP for Monitoring

Module 4: CloudVision (CVP) Day 2 Operations

  • Configlet and Container Plan
  • Setting up Alerts and Dashboards
  • Troubleshooting L2LS
    • Topology
    • Comparison
    • Search

Module 5: Cognitive Campus

  • Campus Overview
  • Leveraging the UCN L2LS Architecture in the Campus
  • Arista Wi-Fi Features
  • Wi-Fi 6 Enhancements
  • Arista AP Features
  • CV for Wi-Fi Configuration
  • Configuring PoE

Course Labs

ACE:L2includes numerous hands-on labs. At time of purchase,you will have numerous options for lab time with both the instructor-led and self-study packages. Most packages include 3-weeks of lab time. For the instructor-led courses, this includes the week of the course as well as two additional weeks to work on labs on your own. Every engineer is given their own dedicated environment and will not be required to share with others. The labs are built on the latest released vEOS and CloudVision codes and deployed in an AWS environment. This allows you to connect from anywhere and anytime. This is actual code and not simulators.

Exam Requirements