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Level 5 – Cloud Automation

ACE:L5 Data Sheet



The 5-day ACE Level 5 course is designed to give network engineers, architects, and operations staff the needed skills, tools, and strategies to automate the Arista network infrastructure. The course focuses on CloudVision automation leveraging Ansible, Python, and other commonly used automation languages. Extensive practical workshops are used to solidify discussion concepts.


Automation and NetOps

  • Network Automation
    • Key Drivers for Automation
    • EOS Features - Automation Tool
    • DevOps, NetOps
    • Programmable Infrastructure
  • Tools of Automation
    • Scripting Languages - Python, Ohers
    • APIs
    • Controllers
    • Configuration Framework
    • Arista Tools - CloudVision, PyeAPI
    • CloudVision Studio
    • Configuration Managers - Ansible, Others
  • APIs
    • REST APIs, eAPIs, API Toolset
  • Structured Data
    • JSON, Coding for Structured vs Unstructured Data
  • OpenConfig Solution
    • Model-Driven Network Management
    • Components - gRPC, gNMI
  • Version Control
    • Git, Git Client, GitHub

CloudVision Portal (CVP) Overview and Architecture

  • Introduction to Automation and CloudVision
    • Network Automation
    • DIY, DevOps, Turnkey (CV, Studio)
    • State Streaming, SysDB,NetDB, NetDL
    • CloudVision Partner Integration
    • Overview of Installation
  • CloudVision Deployment
    • Cloud-based CVaaS, Appliance, Virtual (OVA, KVM)
    • Software, Authentication, and Connectivity Requirements
    • CVP Setup
    • Enabling eAPI
  • Initial Switch Behavior
    • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
    • Process, Modes, Provisioning
    • DHCP Configuration
    • ZTP Bootstrap with CVP
    • Zero Touch Replacement
  • Automating Configuration with Configlets
    • Configlet and Container Plan
    • Creating Containers
    • Creating Configlet Builder
    • Python Library
  • Change Control
    • Compliance
    • Create Change Control
    • Add/Remove Metrics
  • Day 2 Network Operations
    • Real-Time Telemetry, Analytics
    • Client to Cloud Visibility
    • Troubleshooting with CLI and CVP
    • Image Management
    • Data Plane Visibility
    • Using CloudVision Studios

Configlet Builder with Python

  • Python Basics
    • Scripting, Components, Code
  • Using API, Python, and Ansible with CVP
  • Creating the Configlet Builder
    • Process for Making a Configlet Builder
    • Configlet Builder in Python for EVPN Deployments
  • The Python Code
  • Demo

Automating Leaf-Spine with Ansible

  • Ansible Basics
    • Components, Use Cases
    • Installation, Configuration
  • Ansible as Configuration Builder
    • Agentless Architecture
    • Arista Validated Design (AVD)
    • Ansible Collection For AVD
  • Generate Network Devices Configuration
  • Inventory Files
  • Playbooks
    • Basics, Anatomy, Modules
    • Scaling with Ansible
  • Ansible with Jinja
    • Jinja Basics, Jinja2 Playbook Anatomy,
    • Jinja2 versus Direct Modules
  • CloudVision and Ansible
    • Ansible & EOS Integration
    • Telemetry for Change Management
    • CVP Change Management to Trace Changes
  • Configuration Templates with Jinja

Python Client for eAPI (PyeAPI)

  • Highly Optimized Python Library
  • Modules
  • Documentation


The ACE Level 5 course Includes diverse practical labs built on current EOS and CloudVision platforms, and are accessible for three weeks. One week during the instructor-led course, and two additional weeks to work on labs independently with every student given their own dedicated environment. Students can connect to these cloud-based labs from anywhere at any time

Lab Activities

  • Lab Overview
  • Connecting to Lab Environment
  • Remote Command Execution with Web eAPI
  • Working with Git (Version Control)
  • Setup a Github Repository (Optional but Recommended)
  • CloudVision Provisioning for MLAG
  • Host Configuration and Reconciliation
  • Load OSPF-based Underlay Config for DCI
  • Configure OSPF Underlay
  • Start a Configlet Builder to Create eBGP-Based Underlay
  • Load DCI eBGP-based Configuration
  • Create Spine Configlet Builder
  • Preparing EOS for Automation
  • Preparing Ansible and EOS
  • Using EOS Modules in Ansible
  • Save Configuration
  • Ansible Playbooks for Direct Configuration
  • Creating Config Files Using Jinja Templates
  • Applying Jinja2 Templates to Multiple Devices with Ansible
  • Configure IP Addresses with Ansible, Jinja, and YAML
  • Ansible with CloudVision
  • Appendix: Python

Target Audience

The ACE Level 5 is most effective for those individuals with mid-to-high level of experience as network engineers with prior exposure to Python and Ansible Basics. The course is suitable for engineers looking to progress into mid or upper level operations positions within modern, technology-oriented organizations.


ACE Level 5 certification requires a 4-hour live practical exam. Candidates must complete the ACE Level 5 course prior to attempting the exam. The candidates will log into a lab environment, similar to the one used for the course labs, and use both CLI and CloudVision to complete the exam.

Follow-on Courses / Certifications

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