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Level 4 Outline

ACE:L4 Data Sheet



The 5-day ACE Level 4 course is focused on the Enterprise edge, Service Provider WAN, Large Enterprise Transport networks, and Data Center Interconnect (DCI) architectures. Engineers will explore the advanced routing capabilities available within Arista hardware and EOS. Topics such as EVPN, MPLS and Segment Routing will be discussed in depth. All topics are taught from both command line and CloudVision perspectives, including provisioning, managing, troubleshooting, and optimizing.


CloudVision Portal (CVP) Overview and Architecture

  • Introduction to Automation and CloudVision
    • Network Automation
    • DIY, DevOps, Turnkey (CV, Studio)
    • State Streaming, SysDB,NetDB, NetDL
    • CloudVision Partner Integration
    • Overview of Installation
  • CloudVision Deployment
    • Cloud-based CVaaS, Appliance, Virtual (OVA, KVM)
    • Software, Authentication and Connectivity Requirements
    • CVP Setup
    • Enabling eAPI
  • Initial Switch Behavior
    • Zero Touch Provisioning (ZTP)
    • Process, Modes, Provisioning
    • DHCP Configuration
    • ZTP Bootstrap with CVP
    • Zero Touch Replacement
  • Automating Configuration with Configlets
    • Configlet and Container Plan
    • Creating Containers
    • Creating Configlet Builder
    • Python Library
  • Change Control
    • Compliance
    • Create Change Control
    • Add/Remove Metrics
  • Day 2 Network Operations
    • Real-Time Telemetry, Analytics
    • Client to Cloud Visibility
    • Troubleshooting with CLI and CVP
    • Image Management
    • Data Plane Visibility

MPLS - Architecture and Use Cases

  • Label Switching
  • Identifying Problems
  • Scalability
  • Protecting the Core
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Traffic Engineering - Fast ReRoute (TE - FRR)
  • Avoiding the issues with a Full Mesh
  • Migration Considerations
  • Green Field Considerations
    • Service Provider (SP)
    • Large Enterprise
  • MPLS enabled Network
    • Segment Routing (SR)-based Transport
    • Topology Coverage
    • Traffic Engineering for Specific Services
  • Data Center Interconnect (DCI)
    • Traditional Approaches
    • Leveraging EVPN and MPLS in an Open Model

Service Architecture

  • Overview
  • L2 VPN
    • Point-to-Point
    • Multipoint
  • L3 VPN
    • Multicast EVPN Control Plane
    • Optimized Inter-Subnet Multicast

Transport Model

  • Overview
    • Control Plan
    • Data Plane
  • MPLS Transport Model
    • Label Distribution Protocol (LDP)
    • Resource Reservation Protocol (RSVP)
  • Routing Protocol Choices
  • Segment Routing (SR)
    • ISIS-SR
    • BGP-SR
  • Traffic Engineering
    • RSVP-TE
    • SR-TE
    • ISIS-TE

Services Deep Dive

  • Primer
    • EVPN MP-BGP Control Plane
    • Address Family (AF), Single AF, Multiple AF
    • Compare Multiple AF to Single AF
  • VPN Services
    • IP VPN Service
  • L2VPN
    • E-LAN EVPN-Type 2
    • E-LINE with LDP
    • E-LINE with EVPN Virtual Private Wire Service (EVPN-VPWS)
  • L3VPN

Transport and Service Optimization

  • Next-Hop Groups
  • User Defined Tunnel RIBs
  • BGP Next-Hop Resolution RIBs
  • Static Flow Aware Transport on EVPN
  • Traffic Steering and Service Mapping


The ACE Level 4 course includes diverse practical labs built on current EOS and CloudVision platforms. Labs are accessible for three weeks, one week during the instructor-led course, and two additional weeks to work on labs independently. Each student is given their own dedicated environment. Students can connect to these cloud-based labs from anywhere at any time.

Lab Activities

  • Configuring IP addresses
  • Configuring Provider Network Reachability
  • Enable MPLS and LDP
  • ISIS Segment Routing (SR)
  • Segment-Routing Traffic Engineering
  • Configuring SR-TE Policy
  • Steering Traffic Into a TE Policy
  • Configuring MP-BGP and L3VPN
  • Configuring E-Line with LDP Pseudowire
  • E-Line with EVPN VPWS
  • E-LAN with EVPN Type-2 (L2 EVPN)
  • Configuring L3 EVPN - Route - Type 5
  • Troubleshooting L3 EVPN Data Plane
  • System-Tunnel-RIB
  • Tunnel RIB Path Selection
  • Color Steering SR-TE Policy


  • Navigating CloudVision Portal
  • Configlet Management
  • Configlet Builder
  • Change Control
  • Dashboard and Alerts
  • Using Studios

Target Audience

This course is best suited for engineers with at least mid-level network engineering background and are comfortable with layer 2 and 3 architectures and concepts such as EVPN and MP-BGP. This course is suitable for students who are in, or would like to find mid-to-senior level network engineer or operations positions related to Enterprise edge networking.


ACE Level 4 certification requires a 4-hour live practical exam. Candidates must complete the ACE Level 4 course prior to attempting the exam. The candidates will log into a lab environment similar to the one used for the course labs, and use both CLI and CloudVision to complete the exam.

Follow-on Courses / Certifications

ACE : L5

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