Hello! If you are here, it means you may be interested in attending an ACE:L3 or ACE:L5 training delivery at our promotional price. Welcome and thank you for inquiring. All the information you need to make this decision will be on this page, but we are always available via email or phone if you’d like to talk to someone about this. Let’s get started!

What do I get?

Our Special Promotion price of $2,995/course applies to ACE:L3 and ACE:L5 only. Additionally, this promotional price only applies to currently scheduled deliveries through Sep 30th. The dates available for these courses are listed below.

In addition to the materials you will receive for the course you purchase and attend, you will also receive a copy of the course slides from the lower level courses. For example, if you purchase and attend ACE:L3, you will receive the course slides for ACE:L1 and ACE:L2 along with the Official Course Workbook of ACE:L3 for the training. The same would apply to ACE:L5 and the lower courses (ACE:L1, L2, and L3), except you will not receive the course slides for ACE:L4 because this course material does not directly apply to your ACE:L5 training or exam.

Labs for the course you attend are included in this promotional price. You will receive the ACE:L3 Lab Guide and three (3) weeks of lab time: one (1) week during the course and two (2) weeks after to continue practicing on your own. You will not receive lab guides or additional lab time for the lower level courses. There will be an opportunity in the future for you to purchase additional lab time, so please ask us about this if it is something you may be interested in.

We know this may look and sound confusing, especially if this is your first time visiting us, so please reach out for a deeper discussion on materials you receive through your purchase.

Class # Course Region Date Time Time Zone
1 ACE:L3 NAM 7/5-9 9am - 5pm GMT -4
2 ACE:L5 APAC 7/12-16 8am - 4pm GMT +8
3 ACE:L5 NAM 7/19-23 9am - 5pm GMT -7
4 ACE:L3 EMEA 7/26-30 9am - 5pm GMT +2
5 ACE:L5 EMEA 7/26-30 9am - 5pm GMT +2
6 ACE:L3 NAM 8/2-6 9am - 5pm GMT -4
7 ACE:L3 APAC 8/2-6 8am - 4pm GMT +8
8 ACE:L3 EMEA 8/9-13 9am - 5pm GMT +2
9 ACE:L5 NAM 8/16-20 9am - 5pm GMT -4
10 ACE:L5 EMEA 8/23-27 9am - 5pm GMT +2
11 ACE:L3 EMEA 8/30-9/3 9am - 5pm GMT +2
12 ACE:L3 NAM 8/9-13 9am - 5pm GMT -7
13 ACE:L3 NAM 8/23-27 9am - 5pm GMT -4
14 ACE:L5 NAM 8/30-9/3 9am - 5pm GMT -7
15 ACE:L3 NAM 9/6-10 9am - 5pm GMT -7
16 ACE:L3 NAM 9/20-24 9am - 5pm GMT -4
17 ACE:L3 EMEA 9/27-10/1 9am - 5pm GMT +2
18 ACE:L3 APAC 9/6-10 8am - 4pm GMT +5.5
19 ACE:L5 NAM 9/20-24 9am - 5pm GMT -4
20 ACE:L5 EMEA 9/6-10 9am - 5pm GMT +2
21 ACE:L5 APAC 9/13-17 8am - 4pm GMT +8

How do I know a course still has seats available?

The best way to get this information is to contact us. The promotional price on these courses are on a first come, first served basis and requires payment in full before your registration is complete. All bookings require a phone call or email with us anyway, so reach out to us using one of the methods listed below and we can begin the process

What if I have to cancel after I book my seat with the promotional price?

Our terms and conditions can be found here. We allow no refunds, but if your cancellation is greater than three (3) days from the date the training begins, then we can convert your purchase into credits that can be applied towards future training. These credits are on a dollar by dollar basis and do not grant you the ability to take a future course at this discounted price. The credits will simply reduce your cost of a full-price course in the future

Where do I find information on the topics of ACE:L3 and ACE:L5?

You can view the ACE:L3 and ACE:L5 data sheets for detailed information about each course. There is also the option to download a copy of the data sheet. The data sheets will not only show you which topics are covered and a basic outline of the course, but will also explain where these topics fit in the real world based on your experience level. Additionally, you can click here to learn more about the ACE Certification Program and the path through all levels based on topics or your experience level.

How do I take an exam after the training?

All exam information can be found here. Your Exam Application does not need to be submitted until after your training when you feel confident in your knowledge, skills, and abilities. At this time, the Exam schedule has not been posted, but we expect to start accepting applications in June/July.

I’m ready. How do I contact you?

Great! We’re glad you are being proactive in your training and setting yourself up for future success in this industry. There is plenty more information on our website about the new ACE Certification Program that we hope you look through. Feel free to browse and gather a better understanding of the program as a whole so you know where the training may take you in the future.

You can reach us by email or phone. +1-866-SDN-PROS (736-7767) or sales@sdn-pros.com