What level are you?

The new Arista Cloud Engineer (ACE) Certification program was designed to allow engineers to enter at the level that matches their current skill set. Arista does not force engineers to progress in any specific way. All certification exams are practical in nature and tests the skills learned at the specific ACE level as well as the levels below. For example, if an engineer chose to enter the program at Level 4, then the exam for Level 4 would include content covered in the Level 4 course as well as the content from Levels 1-3.

This allows engineers to choose the level that is most aligned with their current knowledge, skill and experience. We are providing the following matrix as a basic guide when comparing other vendor certification programs. It is important to note that Arista ACE levels and other vendors do not match directly. Engineers should review the course outlines from the courses below the level they choose to ensure there are not additional skill gaps that may need to be covered. As an example, some engineers may choose to enter at Level 3 because they are currently a Cisco CCNP but may also discover that ACE Level 2 covers a topic that was not covered in any of their Cisco training. For a scenario such as this, the engineer can choose to purchase the Level 2 book as a self-study option and purchase the Level 3 course. The Level 3 exam will cover topics from Levels 1-3. Lab exercises and lab time can be purchased in the same way allowing engineers the ability to practice the skills from multiple levels at the same time as well.

Click for Datasheet Job Role Typical Experience Level Competitive Cert Level* Course Requirements Exam Type** Price
Engineer/Architect Lead 10-12 Years DC+SP+R&S Expert Exam Only Practical Lab Exam; Must be a Current Level 6 N/A
Engineer/Architect Lead 7-10 Years DC+SP+R&S Expert Exam Only Practical Board Exam RFP Scenario Based; Open to Any Level N/A
Network Automation Lead 5-7 Years Expert + Python and Ansible 5-day Course + Exam Practical Lab Exam; Open to Any Level $8,319
Upper Tier Ops / Senior Network Engineer 5+ Years DC+SP+R&S Professional 5-day Course + Exam Practical Lab Exam; Open to Any Level $7,819
Mid-Tier Ops / Network Engineer 3-5 Years DC+SP+R&S Professional 5-day Course + Exam Practical Lab Exam; Open to Any Level $6,769
Front Tier Ops / Early Career Network Engineer 1-3 Years DC+SP+R&S Professional 5-day Course + Exam Practical Lab Exam; Open to Any Level $6,069
University Graduate / Job Changer/ New to Network Engineering New DC+SP+R&S Associate 5-day Course + Exam Multiple Choice Exam $5,669

*A combination of other vendor certifications will give the closest mapping to the Arista Certification. Individuals holding multiple certifications would be able to enter the ACE Certification Program but may still find significant gaps between competitive vendor’s programs and the Arista program.

** All exams are cumulative; all levels below the level being taken are also tested during the exam. Taking an ACE:L3 exam will test you on Levels 1-3.

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