Grandfathered In

If you hold a single current Arista certification from the old program (ACE, ALE, AME, APE), you will be grandfathered into the new ACE:L1. If you hold multiple certifications of the old program in any combination, you will be grandfathered into ACE:L2. This grandfathering process will allow you a one-year grace period before the new rules of recertification will apply

To begin this process, create an account using the button below. SDN Pros will handle all logistics as the manager of the new ACE Certification Program. We will reach out to you after registration to welcome you to the new program and explain the next steps regarding your new certification.

Already Certified?

  • Already have a certification in the previous Arista Certification Program?
  • Want to learn more about the Arista ACE Certification membership and exam process?
  • Curious how the recertification process works?

Check it out below: